Destruction of Maya (Illusions) Cubed, circa 1998 & passed out to the masses!


Intro: This paper is about many things: positivity, ego’s, PLUR=EH, hearts, respect, science, spirituality, the message is a positive intended one for anyone who’s willing to take the time.  Also there are different concepts so if you don’t like something skim on and see if there’s something U like better.  It’s long, so you might break up your read of it.  Once last thing I write this in my own free style & if U can’t get past that itz not 4 U. ***U can’t lose anything by reading this and might possibly learn some (k)new Gnosis(Knowledge) to feed your Mind, Spirit, Soul, and Heart!!!!! also***=new paragraph => => =>  ?

*** I’m shattering new ground, an old diagram found, direct from a step pyramid, with the clean heart of a kid, from a day long ago, a lost concept to sow, arrives in lyrical flow, stimulated by 27/7 ginkgo, and 2400 mg lecithin, now a New day begins, stride into the higher, ego’s are on fire, my heart won’t tire, until this vision transpires, of the PLUR empire, a closing of  illusions, liberated of confusion, as eyes become single, emerging bodies starts to tingle, now in Angelic love we mingle, taking it in feel alive, trUth has survived, release the darkness, up out of this mess, it was hard I confess, but a new DAWN has begun, and we shall have fun, in the light of the Sun, which represents the One, is all, all is One, I’m not done, not yet, until the dream has set, and the negative net, is banished, then I shall vanish, into the sky, cuz  I’m a magi, a SOURCE-RUR, of the PLUR, a Shaman, from another lan(d), here 2 play in the plan, elevation of the soul, is the glorious goal, an unveil of the min(d), shall unwin(d), an enormous release,into, harmonious peace, a spiritual increase, a new lease, into this old living, is what I’m giving, as I represent, the true repent, which is rethink, so take a drink, of these ide-yas, presented by the MAYA, to free ya!!!

One of the problems today in our society is that which is ego created (built on falsely constructed foundations).  The ego sets up false worlds we live in and how we think about everything.  It is in these false worlds that we are miserable, unhappy, unfulfilledFalse worlds are those of ego and also can be things such as judging, negative attitudes, thinking you’re better, not being respectful, not being true to who U R, etc.  When you operate in any of these it is not trUth of anything (How could it be?) but just negatively constructed for various reasons.  It’s very easy to get trapped into these, many times you are unaware that you are caught into one, until either is pointed out or you can shift your consciousness and see it yourself without judgment and prejudice in seeing because it is you.

You are not expressing your heart but playing a role U think U need 2 B (sometimes your unsure who U R, and feel as tho if U gave up your role U will lose things U think are real, but only based on your fasle image U present outward ex: machoism, unemotional, cool, etc.)  Itz cool to B U, whatever that is, cuz each person is unique and special in some way, but it can’t B discovered when hidden away.  Many people are scared to show how they really feel inside 4 fear of ridicule or some cruel reactions 2 them.  As a result of this there doesn’t seem to an abundance of  people being true to themselves, which is also not being true to anyone else.  How can you ever feel happy and good when your heart (which is full-fill-ing life) is not being expressed outwards but held in fear inwards.  Do you know what your heart is?  Do you know yourself?  Have you ever thought about makes really makes you happy (lasting) and not temporarily. (ex. buying something new, drinking, smoking, seeing loved ones, etc.).  I say temporary happiness because they don’t full-fill you on all levels of your being as we are more than just physical, (mind, soul,  and spirit).

A ego or a barrier can B put up because we feel uneasy or uncomfortable in a situation. (irrational FEARS) It is also an accepted and learned behavior to be false.  WHY is this?  How did it get to be like this?  When we were young kids 2-7, I don’t remember the neccessity of not doing what or being how U wanted to B.  The problem w/ ego’s (hiding your heart) is that nobody gets the benefits of what your heart has to share.  Your truest and highest part of who U R is what the world around U needs, so all can benefit from it.  Plus I don’t really know anybody who likes dealing w/ peoples egos cuz they’re ugly and draining yet the same people act out the role despite.  What is a heart then?   

Its the part of you that is the best of you are.  It’s expressing yourself securely and feeling totally confident, strong, connected, harmonious, flowing, happiness, goodness, kindness, whole.  Our heart makes us feel whole and alive.  We on this planet have different hearts with some similar to other ones and many not even like ours. (even as in nature every snowflake and blade of grass is different from the others, they are all unique and special tho).  Itz yours and yours only and there is only one U, so it’s important to express yur Heart, for it is your happiest life.  It’s what people need from you; which is also really your part in a play called Life.  (All the world is a stage and we are but actors in it)

Many people admire people who express their hearts, yet don’t try and follow the example.  Have you known people whose being just touched you or were jus so beauti-full?  Most people respected Mother Teresa and Princess Diana for their love for others.  We all have the ability to rise wherever we are (these levels include the physical, mental, spiritual, and soul).  If we all started gaining positive qualities like Mother Teresa and Diana showed, then this world would make a rapid transformin’ overnite.  Love makes things whole.  It makes you feel whole when you give it to yourself and also when it is received from others (Don’t you feel awesome when somebody loves you whole-heartedly).  If you don’t love yourself, you generally treat everyone around you bad.

***This is because there is a Law called All is Infinite Reflection; therefore, we reflect (most times were are not conscious of it) to people how we feel about ourselves.  Remember this as you are feel offended by people who are rude and mean.  If they were happy and feeling good within (had self love) they wouldn’t be that way.  (Consciousness is the level of love you have for yourself and other people, as One is All, All is One & Mind is All, All is Mind)  Whatever wrong people do to you even if they physically hit you it is nothing compared to the spiritual blow they are doing to themselves.   Or stated as The Law of Karma.  What you give others is given back to you/give and you recieve.

I am speaking about this matter from personal experience because I used to be one that try to release anger and hatred inside me out to others, which never solved anything but only made it worse karma (receives) I had to deal with.  When the person who hurts others intentionally, or even me for example, realizes how much they have done wrong to others they feel the worst pain imaginable inside.  They have only wasted themselves the whole time, even years, for nothing but illusions they lived in.  While people waste time in negativity and illusions, they are the only ones losing out on all that is good, full-filling and worthwhile 2 live 4.  

I only share this part of my past to share this gnosis w/ ya cuz  there are many who are hurting people on different areas in their life, but NOW know that the originator of whatever that pain is, is truly the worst off.  Think about the kind of mind frame U would have 2 B to consciously/unconsiously and to being rude, mean or destroying to other people.  It seems to me like they are miserable.  Why would I say such a thing, so you might learn not to take it so personal, as we tend to do when wrong/ meaness/ rudeness/ unexplainable hostility comes to us.  Try and realize that it wasn’t truly about U (personally) but as the LAW states All is Infinite Reflection.  It seems to me like these type of people and even us on occaisons when things are going bad, try and outward express some type of negativity, in order to try and release it.  This then only makes their own Karma to deal with worse and magnifies the problem.  If you are having problems don’t spread them, like if you are sick you don’t spread your germs out, unless you are demented.

***So what could be something positive to counteract this negative directed attacks people are selfishly trying to give to others.  I try and think a good thought about them  (not always, I’m trying to) or if you follow religion pray for them, remember Jesus taught pray for those who try and hurt U.  Good thoughts as well as negative ones get send out to the people U think them about.  (Power of prayer, or even witchcraft for that matter)  The law works both directions, it is not good or bad, but much like eletricity it goes wherever it is directed whether to light a House or kill a person.  Positive thoughts or prayers are light for someone shrouded in the illusions as is love.  I take this on a deeper level to whenever I see something wrong or bad.  I am not asking you too but just sharing idea yas.  If anything helps people it is a positive action verses a negative one, as you give you receive.

Why for there is a law known as Cause and Effect which most know through science, but also know that it is universally true meaning that it applies to other levels of being (spiritual and mental levels).  This means that there are causes on this levels (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions) that become effects (reality).  So this means all that you do to those outside of you is either done back outside and/or inside of you.  It is also known as the Law of  Karma or Give and Ye Shall Receive (this was meant on all levels).  I know in my own life I have felt the presence of the Law with me negatively and positively.  For some of you this is a stretch to read, but I don’t ask you to accept it all but just give you food for thought.  To me it makes sense as it is the fairest justice system ever devised, and the Source is a Just ONE.  Negativity directed anywhere only leads one way, DOWN. 

Many will say being negative is no good, yet how many are going on practicing it?  We give out what we don’t want given back to us, yet we keep giving it out without realizing the problem, as every time is comes back to us.  Does this make sense?   We judge many times unconsciously and consciously yet when we have been judge wrong by another we get offended.  See what I mean, it’s like were unconscious of how we are and many times we think that we think but aren’t really thinking.  A way to live is don’t give what you don’t want; also knowing that this is also a Law.  There’s an old saying that seems to be forgotten by even those who preach it, and it is to do to others as you would want them to do to you.  Try practicing this.  Think about it more.  Keep this focus in your mind as you go through your day.  Wait are you sure you read the above line, read it again and again until it sinks in, repetition is how we learn.

This precept laid down for us long ago does much to solve our present problems.  If you don’t like egotism then don’t contribute to it.  Don’t put up barriers and resistance’s to people (judgments, presumptions, attitudes are all examples and if you do then try and get rid of them) and if you do don’t complain as what you give out is reflected right back to you.  Assume and see the best from people and they will show it.  If we encourage and tried harder to bring the best out of each other it will happens, for we are the CreatorsPeople are more than eager to be their best if you encouraged them a little bit.  A beauty of giving out is that U gain back more than the gift given because it becomes more as you release the gift, like a stock that triples in an hour.

Unattached giving is much like a seed and when a seed is planted into good soil it produces a plant or tree that is much greater than the original amount given.  Another idea is take the time @ work or wherever to build up those around you with planting  positivity.  (Compliments, pointing out strengths, a positive approach to problems will help bring it out).  If we all spent more time helping others out with things as simple as appreciation, smiling, friendliness, etc., then the people around you will build and be happier as well as U.  (in positive energy)  Doing this is also a form of love (love is many things that we don’t realize it to be and all love= healing=building.  As this energy is built through your efforts it gets reflected back to U (like a small stone thrown into a pond causes greater ripples than the original amount put into it, this is also a way to look at energy and how our thoughts and emotions affect the pond or energy around us)  As more and more practice this positive way of living and thinking all things in the world as helped out, further than most of us can imagine, but like the example of the pond it could even reach across the world.   We must realize all the small things do add up to the big things.  That is the next 7 days you live makes a larger part of your life; this means 7 days put towards a new positive program can and will go a long way.  What you do today is coming in the Future (Today is the seed of tomorrow).  We are creating our Futures every moment we live in the choices we make, actions we take, way we think, etc.

***An old saying is As a Man thinketh daily Eventually he becomesEmerson.  This is so true, think deeply about all the thoughts you had for a period of time (those in the past) and did that thing  you focused on become who you are now?  How about dreams you had when you were young?  Did some of those not manifest?  (usually the ones you put the most heart into)  Anyone who has achieved anything you admire, whether it be a sport figure, movie star, politician etc., have all thought, worked, dreamed, on their position you see NOW for  a long time beforehandThey spent much time inwards and outwards working towards what they wanted.  What you see are the effects, but you don’t realize all the causes that led them to that point they are atGreat things are achieved in time with work, so put work and time into something that to U is rewarding (happiness).  Don’t waste yourself or  time (as once time has passed it has passed forever, yesterday and the moment two minutes ago shall never exist again) on things you don’t want. (negativity)  Instead focus your time and attention to those things you want to become and manifest, even if you can only think and dream due to where your at.  Many things are never figured out until we get up and act, then somehow after this things just fall into place.  Only by entering (faith) do you get the rest of what you need to finish your goal.   Not by looking  or wondering.  Experience this for yourself and it is a great asset to add to yourself.

Once you realize that your past has created who you are now then take the next step knowing that  U aR NOW creating the futureKindness, generosity, niceness, smiles, positivity, etc., all planted now will become your future you experienceWouldn’t these be more welcome friends than hard looks, negativity, meanness, etc?  Most will say yes, of course.  Don’t you want days to flow where every thing works out for the best?  This can happen through positivity as we live it, think it, breath it, it then becomes us (who we are) as it becomes us, it then is reflected back to us because our energy is strong and brings up other’s energy, as their energy is higher then they reflect how they feel and they rise too.  What makes you rise or come out is your heart speaking forth.  What you truly love in other people is what is in your heart. (qualities lying in your heart waiting to come out)   That’s why we get excited about certain things more than other’s because they are symbols of your heart.  (Watch, be Aware, look @  yourself, (k)NOW thyself, and the world shall open at your fingertips)  Remember always, how everything that you do today, think, feel, act, do, be are the seeds to a  future.   The qualities you admire (focus on and will to become) are the ones that will manifest in your life.  You won’t know all the detail of  how it’s going to happen, but just like a seed put in the ground, it will happen, that is the miracle we have here.  Life is truly a miracle and many processes that we take for granted are truly miracle if we would but see them.  Thing exist even though we aren’t aware of them; miracles are happening whether or not you believe they are.

***Remember that everyday spent in negativity creates repeatedly, negative day again and again! (as a seed planted keeps giving back what the seed was).  The reason I am writing this because so many people are got into illusions and are unconscious of what is true and real.  All people get caught into them and they are what’s stopping us from being happy.  We need to find our center within ourselves that is also connected with the higher entity(ies).   From this center where our heart stems is when you don’t get trapped into illusionsFrom this center I’m mentioning (I can’t write about it because it can only be experienced and know that each one of us has a center that is lying waiting for us to discover, when we discover, our greatest power we have we connect into) we can see false situations, people, things about ourselves clearly.  From your One center or I center (Eye center) you step into higher awareness.  Higher Awareness is also awareness in the physical too, also awareness of a problem is the first way to figure out solutions to the problem and then steps can B takin to solve it but it starts in the mind with awareness as the first key.  Just because you had no awareness of this true strong center within doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist if you do or don’t see it NOW.  Our ego’s, prejudices, attitudes, etc., all cloud our seeing of things right and clearly.   We think that (unconsciously mostly) some how these barriers are protecting us, when in reality they are stopping us from being clear and seeing truly into situations.  We also cannot grab a hold of life and that which is around us,  as we are shrouded in darkness (ego’s, prejudices, etc.)  and have no light to see with.  The Light and Love you need to see and be clear with, come from within you.  You can’t use other people’s Light or Love they only help temporarily, but it must truly come within. (it’s also hard work but it is SO worth the reward)  When you are in your center negative things don’t affect you either.  If someone is mad and trying to make you angry (that seems to be what negative people are trying to do, to release what they have onto other’s so they can feel better)  it will not affect you because you choose how to beYou decide they can be mad and angry all they want, but I don’t want to be that way, I choose instead to be happy and positive.

We think that many of our various moods are uncontrollable and many times they are just reflections of energy we have sent out to other people returning to us.   This is good and bad moods.  They seem to just take some people where they feel as though they can only be a slave to it.   Well if you accept anything as the master of you, then you have consciously and thru free will, given it that power it has over you.  Don’t let anything master you or it will continue for as long as it can.  You are the creator in your life and no matter what the circumstance it can be created good.   If you think only negatives can create then, that’s all that is possible until you allow the positive possibilities in, as you create in what you allow yourself to see and believe in.  OK an ex: 4 ya.  Say you are going to a party and you have it figured in your mind what will happen, like it’ll probably be like this, well for you it will probably be that way, but someone else can come into the same party, with a different attitude or with higher expectations, and if they are strong in this it will be created for them.  This means you pretty much get what you think and until you open up yur thinking it will be repeated as many times as U want it 2 B.  This is how many times U think I was right about how that was going to be, but never realized that you were right about it because you created it with your thoughts and expectations of what it was gonna B.  Had you gone in with a different way of thinking it probably would of turned out that way. (this can’t be weakly done but done with a knowing that it is such, also this isn’t done overnite but takes time like a tree does to mature, it is built like a house, it takes time, but it will be built someway somehow)  We make out of life what we want it 2 B.

We could focus all day on the negative news that we hear, and think that’s how the world is, and as we do the world reflects to you your thinking as it is given out.  Let me tell you something : o ) It does exist but another world is existing along with it symbolized in the Ying/Yang.  They exist simultaneously next to each other, what choose to look at becomes your world Negative or Positive.  They both exist at the same time.  This world has much negativity and much positivity it is just our exposure to the positive has been slim to none.  If you don’t believe the positive world exists, then it’s not there, but only for U.  Our decisions and ways we decide to see something create it for us.  We have Free-will to see and create as we will.  If you start noticing and focusing on the positivity around you will realize that you have been blind to so much.   The world is alive and exciting if you will allow yourself to see it as such.  As children this was automatic for us.  We expected the day to be full and exciting and it became suchWe searched for it, so it created for us.  We need to get this idea back into our headsWe must make this life exciting for each one of usPart of that excitement lies in your heartWhatever that is, but it does make you feel alive, exited, full, whole, and will enthuse and help the worldIf we in are situations we don’t want to be in, then start the changes (as today is the seed of 2-marrow) in your minds towards those changesYou must believing that they are possible otherwise you rule out the existence of it for you and you only, as others will choose to believe and take your place you could of sat @.

There is no luck or supernatural forces controlling your life.  (You can break a mirror and there is no bad luck)  All things must start in the mind before they become realityThis is how buildings our built in the mind first, then on paper, then into realitySo our lives are similar to thisWhat we can think of, believe in, will happen and nothing more, so keep your imagination large and wide.  According to your belief be it done unto youThe power by which this is all done is Light=Love=Life are infinite and can create anything.  If there is a created thing than there must be a  Creator of that thing.  There are to many miraculous things here not to see a creator in all of it.

So onto a => => => side note:  {even on an atomic level what creates the atom is the electron.  The electron creates the mass of the atom.  Without the electron it would only be dust, as most of an atom is empty spaceWe know everything is composed of atoms and how they are arranged by the number of electrons creates the substance.  The electron is only bits of light somehow that bind and change to these bits of dust that create everything we know of.  A study of the electron is that it is light and it is light changing or electrons that creates various atoms.  Electron is the Light and as I see the Source is Light=Love as these words are interchangeable, try and see how, and Life=Love=Light.  This means that Light creates Life as we know it and the bind that holds it together is Love.  With no Love there would be no Life.  Where there is no Love things dither away.  including people.  To me True Science and True God is the same thing.  trUth is One and can be seen anywhere you look, all the religions, science, English, mathematics, astronomy, etc.  I believe that the electron is dominant over the atom, as the atom is but a result (effect) of the electron, which is the cause.  The beauty of all this is the electron responds to positivity and positive emotions.  It is what we create with, as we were made in the image of the Creator, who created all of we know off, whether scientifically speaking or religiously speaking.  Another strange fact for you do you know that everything on this planet is made from star dust literally.  We are made up of star the exploded long ago.  All things on Earth on star dust including us.  That’s a miracle to me

All the elements on the Periodic table that you study in Chemistry were created by stars that exploded forth to give greater than themselves!!!  end side note:  If you don’t believe this that’s okay, you don’t have to get the message of this paper, but I thought I would share what I know}  These are the energies I know of that create everything, good and bad (on a higher level they are the same, not that I understand it completely, but some how in some way, I know intuitively they are).  Illusions are created with deception, as it is not positive so it cannot be created with Love, Light, and Life.  An illusion can not stand in true light or loveDarkness must hide from the light, it cannot stand in the presence of light, for how could it when it is dark.  Illusions stand where there is no light or love present, once it is they must find a new place to hide or weaker people to deceiveLight makes us see clearly tho.  Your Eye be single (One) the body will be full of Light.

***These are symbols and can only be realized by thinking and seeing how they relate to your own life.  Everyone has heard Love conquers all as an expression of  it’s power; for it can do things that nothing else can do.  We hear, know, and watch the power loves has from the outside of us but why not start experiencing it from the inside. Love is a multi-level thing.  I think that many of us need to realize that they are positive qualities we have but don’t seem to give ourselves credit 4.  Instead (I’m generalizing as not all do, but be aware, for many are unconscious of this as it happens) of seeing ourselves in a negative way all day, we need to turn that focus into a positive one.  This is also to think more about Love in (loving yourself) and outside of us.  To me I have discovered many things about how Love is around us now.  I see treating other people with respect is Love for them as  another life equally important as your own.  We need to realize what is good about us and keep our focus on this.  Many people don’t love themselves so they only allow themselves to see the negatives and positives get tossed aside and forgotten.  Seeing the good you already do and giving yourself credit is loving yourself.  (loving yourself is healing yourself as love=heal)

We must all learn how to love ourselves in order to be whole. (as children is was there, but for many now it has been lost, unforgotten)  On the surface anyone will say oh yeah of course I love myself, but underneath if they looked, do they honestly?  If we loved ourselves more we wouldn’t want to do things that hurt usAn example of things that hurt us is negativity.  It only hurts us.  It doesn’t lead you anywhere and never helps anything to be created or started either.  Especially when it is directed at yourself.  It pulls you down and makes you feel  lowWhat I am really getting at is all the self criticism we all do to ourselves:  inner criticisms such as looking at yourself in a I can’t do that, or I’m no good enough to say talk to this person, or this person is above or below me, etc., treat themselves worse then they would their worst enemy Most believe don’t believe in themselves and this zaps our greatest power we can have and that is to believe in yourself.  If you don’t nobody else will.  Your belief in you is the greatest power next to unconditional loveWe need to love and believe in ourselves and this must come from the heart, as love is your heart.

Our heart functions like a light socket does with electricity and a hearts electricity is Love, this then leads to the more we have it going out and coming in the better we feel.  Let Love flow in and through you to yourself first, then onto others.  We need to get rid of insecurities and all the inadequacies we feel.  Have you ever thought or think now that your overweight or this could be better about you?  If you do, your only pulling yourself down as it does no good for you or anyone around you.  These insecurities and all its branches (cousins and brothers) are stopping us from being the best people we can be inside. (heart)  When your in this mind frame of being negative you cannot be positive which is the part of you people will like best.  You don’t shine and radiate who you are if you are being insecure or criticizing yourself.

We need to see ourselves as more than just physical cuz we areThere is so much more to you than your physical body, don’t feel trapped in it or you will be.  If you accept a limitation than that’s what your reality will reflect as thoughts create.  If your around people who care what size you are or how you look, your around people who are not True; they are not doing any good for you either.  It is a negative environment that only pulls you down not lifts you up as that is what True friends do for each other.  They help you to raise through their love and caring for you.  They build you taller into who you want to be, whatever that is.  We all need this building from them as they do us.  We are here to help each other, for no one is an island by themselves.  I bring up all this up because Love is an answer to negative problem inside and outside of us.  Love conquers all.  Love can do what we ourselves cannot.  It is more powerful than us and we can be channels of it and direct it where we want it to go.  Direct some to yourself and become whole again (holy) person. 

***If there are things you decide you want to fix about yourself then do it in a loving and positive way.  Like don’t think I look horrible,  I need to do this NOW, Do it with the thought it’s all right as you can’t change it now, so you might as well accept it, but someday I will be at the place you desire,  knowing it will take some time and patience if it is possibleAlso don’t waste yurself on some model image that you could never look like and live for more than 2 days.  These are illusions for many that people try and torture themselves to attain.  Some are built that way and that’s OK.  Accept where you are @ that’s the only thing that will do any good for you; it’s not worth the agony or all the time spent in negativity.  Use all levels of your being (mental, physical, spiritual) to create this thing you want.  The first two have been mentioned much, but the last one, spiritual is doing it with and through love.  Be kind and loving to yourself as you want a change to happen (you’ll also be in a lot better mood as you are in a transition to who you want to become).  Love does need to come into us but it only can thru choosing it or not.  Hating is not happiness but miserable, and if you have this problem with people, maybe there are some problems with you too.  Nobody is gonna be a perfect person, even your not, but if you can look at people respect for who they are, they will respect you for who you are.

When we feel love inside we feel alive, love is energyWhen were children we love with no cause or reason.  We were free and inside our hearts.  We  were happy in the energy we felt which was love.  We let it in and out freely.  We shared it with others, and they shared it with us, even many adults would come by and give you some, even though they didn’t give it to any of the adults.  They just gave it to you because they could reflect to you what you are.  Then one day somehow your that same adult giving love to a child, even as you Now feel it and express it little with others.  Why don’t we feel good all the time?  Is it because there isn’t much love and respect going around?  Somehow this world has become unconnected to the happy and positive world that all were once in, and has been feeding into the sad negative unfullfilling world.   To some things might not seem that bad but it depends at where your looking at it from;  when you see how good things can be ((happy heart and the wonder-fullness of positivity) (which benefits all) U then you realize how much it was.

What would it be like if everybody, one day was friendly and genuine, it’s almost scary to think of as we are so used to negatives.  Most are so drown in negativity and drama that they aren’t even aware that it doesn’t exist for someone else.  Many people on this planet right now are super happy living their dreams out.  We all can be if we create positively.  Think about what negativity does for you.  It can make you so low, you don’t even know if there is an up out of it.  There always is an up but you must believe for it to be there for you.  We can have, do, be, create, what we want in our lives.   It takes work and patience but it will come. Realize what holds you back and down in this world.  Realize the empowering of being positive is for you and those around you.  Positivity is the only thing that ever attains anything and makes things get accomplished .  We didn’t get to Mars through not thinking it was possible.   Anything is possible there are success stories all over for people who believedBelief creates.  Belief is power for you.  Believing will make you get there and attain and doubting will not.  I see it here and there (TV, newspapers, etc.) of people just saying they believe in this or that and they attained.  Imagine where we would be today if Martin Luther King Jr. decided not to believe in his dream, where would we B 2-day.  If he sat back and doubted and believe all the people who said no way, we wouldn’t be touched by his presence here. 

I hope that you reach your goals and get what you want out of life because you deserve it.  It is your birthright, as it is all of our birthrights.   We are all children of the One Source of all Life.   Life is giving to us by the Source as the sun gives life to our planet.  If weren’t all children of the Divine then what could the Source create life out of as Science and Religion state in the beginning was only fragments of dust floating in space.  If weren’t made of the same stuff of the Creator then what could the Creator create with, well we know he used dust, but also he had to use a piece of himself or they couldn’t be life, as life is nothing short of a miracle.  If we are all children of the Divine, and we must be as we were made in the image (creators, love, light, life) of the Source then we have a birthright to be happy, free, alive, etc.

I realize that any Creator would want for their creation is nothing short of the best.  If you make wrong decision tho you must pay for them as if you make good decisions then you benefit.  This is the Law of Karma (Cause and Effect) (the fairest justice system ever devised and carried out automatically).  What could be fairer than to make each and every person responsible for their choices.  Who should be held responsible?  Wouldn’t it seem right and fair that each person should be responsible for their choice.  It seems so to me.   This is justice.   Karma is life itself.  Without a cause you cannot have an effect.  If you found a watch then you know their must be a creator, now look at us our bodies, and the trillions of functions that go on within us, isn’t a miracle. I say we are nothing short of a miracle right nowLife is a miracle and we must respect Life and appreciate it.   If we don’t Life won’t deliver to usWe must give to receive.  That is how it isThe sooner we live in harmony with the Laws that govern our lives the sooner we shall be free and happy.  We are slaves now because most are unconscious of these laws and trapped in a negative state.

***The Knowledge of these Laws and their function used to be the main teachings behinds ancient civilizations great accomplishments they made.  They Law (Truths as they were called) were known by everyone in Egypt and Mayan lands. That’s how these civilizations became great was through knowledge of how things worked.  Both civilizations for a long time lived in peace and harmony with each other and is the reason they were more advanced than were are now.  They discovered things we only dream about. Their religion was intuitive and every person felt and knew things for themselves not dictated to them on how to be, but understood for their own being the Truths.  Yeah they would agree that we mastered the art of killing, but it that an advancement?  Even the Native Americans lived in harmony with this knowledge.  Respect was one of their key Words.

We have lost this word and need to gain it back or all of us shall be affected (reflected).  Why do you think people long ago chose to live in harmony?  Because each understood it was the best not only for their life but for all life.  Your connection to this Source in inside you right Now.  These people because they Loved Source, loved everything created by the Source.  They saw each other as all children because they knew the same Source animated all life equally.   They knew that Giving was Receiving.  The things they built, we have seen for thousands of years.  This was because they were PLUR=EH2 (Peace Love Unity Respect = Ecstasy & Happiness/Eternal Harmony)  They worked together to build a better live for themselves and others.  We can work together and survive, or stand against each other (as many do now, gay vs. st8, man vs. women, black vs. white, etc.,) and lead to ruin.   Together we stand, divided we fall.  The only way for this to be successful tho is to come from the heart.  You can’t real respect 4 anyone who doesn’t come from their heart because it ain’t real.  Real is what we respect.  Be real, show realness, and people will respect you.  We are connected together in this world as our individual cells or our body (trillions of them) are connected to each other in you.  The more wrong we do to others or more negative we put out, the more it is returned to us, eventually to destroy us.   Either things move progress (forward) or they retrogress (backwards)  either you go in one direction or the other.


Happiness is better when it is shared.  Most things are better shared.   Sharing multiplies something miraculously.  Remember there are riches to be had in mind and spirit.  These riches once gained are forever for the mind and spirit are immortal as our physical bodies are only mortal.   They grow and grow and become richer in time.  Time you invest into yourself becomes richer in time.  Learning about yourself is very empowering.  Knowledge is power.  Realize that there is so much to be had and to do in this world.  Make good friends, and make a worthwhile life you can be proud of.  Imagine touching peoples hearts by expressing your own, it can be had.  Imagine people giving you Love and Respect.  It can be had, start your planting of seeds of your own into worthwhile places.   If you want something give it out.  We are the creators in our lives.   Create joy,  happiness, peace, fulfillment, riches on all levels.  Believe because nothing else will get you anywhere.   Be a good and right in all that you think and do and live fully and richly.  A pure heart and doing things with a pure motive is rewarding.  Goodness and niceness feel good when it is given and received.

If we all spent more time thinking about each other we would all be happier.  If we all tried to create a little happiness here and there it would go a long way to making things right.  Remember everything you do, say, think some how comes back and sooner or later you will see you positive seeds returned  with great beauty.  What you give to others will have greater power than anything you could of given yourself.  Positivity is KeyPLUR is Key.  This should make sense inside of you and if none of this does then throw it out.  These are just my thoughts and ideas and if they don’t True sense then don’t add them to your life.  This in order to be successful must be felt from with in the heart or to have any power as love is energy.  With no love we have no energy, which then means we have a small life as love makes us feel full and happy.

Love is Light and as you share it with another you give them light they can see with.  A judgment never saved someone where love has grabbed them and woke them up.   Practicing PLUR everyday will lead to a greater and better live for you and those around you.  You might now be wondering when I going to close this, but there is so much that needs to be said.  I hope you have gotten and taking @ least one thing from this that has helped in your life, if not sorry to waste your time.

PLUR=EH2 is an equation that I think is great meaning Peace Love Unity and Respect equal Ecstasy & Happiness/Eternal Harmony!!!

See if it doesn’t make sense in some way.  Thanks for your time and attention to read this.   In Light=Love=Life=Source=TrUth=HoUse all=wayz

******a thought let go, endlessly flows, along with a breath, no death, to come, only eternal OM, light vibrations, mirrored reflections, created infinitely, expanding energies flowing freely, gathered up dust, as life force is thrust, in a rapid pulsate, creation now radiates, unconditional love penetrates, harmonious unity aR fate, life created by a word, does that sound absurd, life was called forth, from the north, and into the south, pronounced in the mouth, of the Great Source, the highest force, imaginable, is intangible, and inside you now, as you take a bow, showing  respect, to the First architect, illuminates your intellect, an intuitive sect, has awaken, and aR takin, back this planit, do you understandit, if so then smile, and feel this freestyle,  in your heart, then it starts, U see the higher, soul more powerful than fire, Freedom and Truth are now dire, in this divine light we never tire, but we shine on, endlessly as the electron, cuz itz the light, and in-sight, in your mind, and catalyzes your find, of this One center, as you enter, submersion within, disengage sin, uniting with forgotten kin, this time we win, but many need 2 begin, as united we stand, divided we fall, we’ve all heard this call, but live it don’t stall, as earth life is a but short tour, so practice PLUR, not only in mind but in action, is most rewarding satisfaction, only chosen by a few, even though many knew, but resolved to be blue, instead of true, to their heart, which is the part, that is lost, no need to exhaust, cuz we all slip and slide, but hold in the tide, frictionless flowing, in the rising waves, always saves, and paves, your path in this infinite being, a Tribe focus is freeing, the third eye is seeing, growing psychic perception, thru infinite reflection, one eye single, now we mingle, in light, and view right, emerging bodies excite, One Source Tribe ignites, to end this plight, and rule of the negatives, thru unselfish gives, with pure motives, in this Vein we truly start to live, positive energy benefits, our being given by the infinite, living is such mysterious magic, Why have we made it so Tragic?  PLUR=(EH)2

© and created by Brandon Langowski, Tha Dragon Source’Ra on 1/1/1998, All right reserved, please seek author’s permission for use at or

 I AM ReflectshONE, Tha Dragon SourceRa!

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Gnosis (Knowledge) is Power! About the subconscious mind, circa 1997 & handed out to the masses!


My first rhyme ever opens this sacred Gnosis, writing follows! -TDSR

Yo!!! the power of the sub-conscious min(d) can be define(d) as incredible, amazing decibel, inevitable this knowledge must come forth, straight from the Source, with the force, to change seperated nations, through divine revelations.  The time is NOW, to take back control of the bondage, minds corrupted in mirages, and end  the sabatage, of the assault; pole vault, over the barrier of limitation, and begin the PEACE LOVE UNITY AND RESPECT NATION, listen as this story unfolds, previously kept untold, how the sub-conscious min(d) was shackled, in utter misery, NOW expanding in a fury, and witness, as the blitz of the ELECTRON bomb, unleashes and frees, the lost seeds, sown into soil, that created toil, and trouble, now that bubble, I break it up, unearth the old, I NOW stand bold, as the TrUth is told, and in with the (k)NEW, as this knowledge, I pledge, is freely given, spread out to show the TrUth, of the mind, and many will find, freedom within, cuz deep down we’z all kin, let it BEGIN, I came to win, with the Source, this unveiling force, starts on a course, into the divine min, go journey inside, flow with the inner tide, for we’z all on this ride, go, fly in the sky, thru the mind’s eye, eat (w)Holy pie, and feel full and sastified, I once cried, maybe twice, but now taste the spice, of Life, and end all this strife, cut it like a sharp knife, NOW, open up, knock back, cuz I’m on the attack, to whack the illusions, deep into oblivion, as I creep straight revelations, to release the five nations, let all NOW penetrate into One min, and they shall fin, the TrUth,  in the single eye, that center, enter, and behold true vision of light, banishing out the night, as all see One sight, and unite in flight with the doves, as they represent Divine LOVE, that rises you above, yourself for there’s none else.  Listen here and now, you can plow, the limitations, and desecrations, of the mass, end the class separations, let all applause home the forgotten PLUR nation, that stands under One Star, those who see this will go far, embrace this sun, make sure and have mad fun, start on the groun, single I’s, arise, uncovered, wake up, look aroun, listen, hear this soun, penetrate, ‘B’ str8, as I inflitr8, awake within, percieve the spin, like a wheel, and feel, this flames, quit blames, and allow the One Source, thru, as you knew, it could, should, would of been, there sooner, if you went lunar, and saw ahead, no more dead, ascend up the red, orange, yellow wheels state, on through the green, blue, indigo feels great, thrive in the purple swirl, and twist and twirl in the golden circle of light,  intense radiate, sixth sense excite, understand this insight, then flight, out, and about, give a shout, and go undergroun, love the poun, and follow the one soun, and absorb the energy, that’s the remedy, of the sof divin melody, that plays, when pray, and live the dream, of PEACE LOVE UNITY AND RESPECT ONE NATION UNDER THE SOURCE: TRIBE WHO’S GOT THE VIBE, TO BRING YOU INTO THE DIVINE PLANE, WHEN  YOU TAP INTO THE ONE SOURCE VEIN, AND JOURNEY BEYOND PAIN, TEARS & FEARS: LET THE ONE THOUSAND YEARS BEGIN HERE NOW AND FOREVER MORE.  (A shout at my boy Two S-C-OO-P-to tha Z)


Knowledge & Freedom!!! May the One Source CREATOR Bless these two words.  Do you  think we are free? Am I?  I say NO.  Why do I say that, you might think in your mind.  My reason is I state this is we are all slaves to what’s in our heads; specifically speaking the un or sub-conscious part of your mind. It’s the one that controls your life whether you know it does or doesn’t.  Now, you might ask how and why is it significant to my life.  To answer Why first. Your  sub-conscious mind plays the greatest role in who you are, mentally and physically ((all your believes, prejudices, feelings), and keeping your body working: such as breathing, blood pumping, regualting blood pressure, where nutrients go, rebuilding broken down cells, and on and on. )  To take it onto another level it also creates life (YOU) literally and mystically.  Most know their physical life is under its rule, but not many know that your everyday life and how things come into being (reality) in life are also under its rule too.  This is a large statement but keep reading and learn this Gnosis (knowledge) as it is presented to you.  If this doesn’t interest you then pass it on to someone who will appreciate it.  (You can only help those that want to be helped.)

Onto How? does the sub-cons mind create your life?  There are many things to talk about but first it creates each individual’s life as it has been programmed to do.  Before I can explain this concept it must be first understand how it works.  The sub mind is very literal (no sense of humor at all), and it doesn’t know the difference between reality and non-reality.  This means whatever you tell it as truth, it has to believe it as reality.  It also has to obey and listen to everything you tell it.  {(He) or (She)  who is the greatest among you shall serve you.} The irony is it also controls and dictates your life; A true King is a servant and a ruler at the same time.  A way to see how this is much like a young child waiting for instructions, ( ex: thoughts, emotions, pictures-imagination) ready to follow whatever they are told.  Some of the strongest ways the sub cons mind learns is through repetition of thoughts, words, images, saying something out loud, writing something down repeatedly, and in pictures either real or i-magic-nation (imagination) ones do not matter because it know not the difference unless told there is. 

By who do you guess? You.  As it is instructed and led to think something is true, it follows the orders (patterns) given and creates them to the T in the life of  UThe more exposure (focus) on something the stronger the impression is made on it and also when the instrucitons listed above are in combinination.  The way it follows the instructions given (remember instrucions listed above) is much how we would handle many tasks at hand: “well they thought about this one certain pattern four times, but this other pattern has been flooded four hundred times” so it will then produce for you in order of seeming importance and what’s the strongest emotional energy at the time ( this includes strong negative emotions as wells as stong positive emotions-side note: most of us have many strong negative reactions all day but very few has strong happy positive one).  Now onto the meta-(beyond or what is currently perceived as reality) physical level, to show this minds immense power.

Again because it can’t be said enough ( remember repetition: working on that unconscious mind) it precisely tries to create and bring to life what your thoughts and emotions that are fed into it.  These set the pattern that it follows or the blueprint to create the reality or finalization (reality) of what you want.  If you tell it something long enough (constantly), whole-heartedly and never ceasing, it believes and creates that impression literally to the T.

It doesn’t  have the ability to rationalize: an example of how the sub cons works is it doesn’t say as it begins to create pattern given to it “this person keeps saying that they don’t have friends they can’t trust, but really wants friends they can trust, so instead of what I am told of  (I never have friends I can trust) I will create the reality of friends they can trust, instead of those they can’t trust,” No! It creates what is focused on in the conscious mind. The only thing focused on in this example is “I always seem to attract and have  friends I can’t trust.”  This person (consciously) would then complain about this condition of their life as it repeatedly creates over and over because those are the kind of people they would met and be drawn to talk.  How?

Because the uncons mind creates and makes sure that’s how the situations will develop and turn out for it rules your life.  It does this creating and manifesting into the invisible mind and energy world to eventually manifest in the visible world. {One side note before I move on: this might seem outlandish to many but know that there is so much we don’t perceive.  We only see a small spectrum of energy  (visible to our physical eyes as colors) of all the frequencies of energy that are around us and that we live in.  So why couldn’t our reality start in the non-visible world and become what we perceive visibly.  Also as stated in science energy is neither created nor destroyed but just changes form or frequencies of vibration.  Thoughts must also have energy if they exist and must then be as endless as energy is. :end side note} Back to the example, the sub mind then thinks why is my master unhappy I responded and brought exactly what I was told to do.

Can you possibly see with this understanding of how the sub mind creates that maybe positive constructive thinking towards what U want to be would be a better approach than the old ways of negativity.  If you know that inner you is responding and creating that which it is told then clean up all the inner garbage.  Your mind is acting only on the programs you’ve set, and it seems that many of these have begun at a young age; before most were aware enough to understand what was being programmed into their selves.

For most they don’t even know what’s in their un cons minds, very similar to how we forget what’s in our garages or boxes until we open them up and look inside again.  Spend some time looking within your sub cons programs and figure out what’s been taken in.  Also Don’t forget this super important point: Is we can pick up other people’s beliefs systems (limitations) and they become our own. We take in many things at times even when we are not consciously aware but our uncons mind is, for it is one that never sleeps.

In it’s amazement it knows every detail of a room in a instant, even though in our conscious mind we could stare at it for an hour, and not know one tenth of the details of the room.  If we could access our subconscious mind freely we would too.  See where this can lead to; I could write forever about all this but it wouldn’t do as much good as you can doing the work and knowing it for yourself.  Go father than this and it will be most rewarding to YouMost have heard that use any where from four to ten percent of our minds only; imagine what we could do if we accessed the rest.  Everyone has thought of this, but how many are working on it?  You are the only one who will benefit from this besides we all need some benefiting at some time or another. Use this knowledge to empower your life the way you want it to be.  So many people go to all these people and seminars, classes, and spend tons of time and money learning how to take control of their lives, so they can find happiness, and the little known secrets that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars and years of times, and wasted effort is waiting inside.

Another thing sub mind loves is rituals.  It also loves things to be the same (comfortable and safe).  It’s not anxious to change and give up established habits, especially ones that are years or even decades of being there.  It likes those habits much like a kid gets stuck to his blanky or a stuffed animal; it clings tightly and doesn’t want to give them up.  Because of this many times our brains need retraining and programming to fit what we currently want to be.  We can train our brains to create freedom, happiness and success, health, etc.  Did I hear somehow say How?

The first step is to realize most have failure programs running off in their heads; not consciously but that’s where the experience of it is done, but from the uncons is right (buried and forgotten most times).  For many people before they could even think of  something in a positive light (say to themselves I know this looks horrible and no apparent good can come out of it), their fear learned (based) uncons minds sets off the failure ritual (ex: this sucks, looks terrible, couldn’t be any worse.)  At this point there still is an opening to allow a different pattern to be set, but when you agree with your sub mind (because that’s all you’ve have experienced and know the best) it will then take out the possibilities and ways open like: made it a better one (positive), or an  improved situation, or even many times the bad situation turns out to be awesomely great.  The only one that can now manifest is the negative ones that you believe in and accept as true reality.

Remember it will not rationalize and say this positive situation would actual serve my master’s interest better so forget the one they believe in and accept and I’ll create this positive situation.  {side note:  I don’t know this for sure, but I don’t think the (sub) can differentiate between what we would term as positive and negative.  On that note it might kinda be like electricity:  it can light your house, power electric motors, etc and it can also kill a person.  The electricity has no thought of what it’s doing it just flows whereever it is directed. end side note.}  The progams are run like auto pilot, and we (if we’re not happy with them or don’t want them to be created again) have to stop and think back what is happening in our heads because in the situation it almost takes over unless you do.  We’ve become so used to things going not the way we want that there has been a hypothetical law called Murphy’s Law.  Now with this new Gnosis (knowledge) it can be seen we have created the situation negatively before it has a chance to be otherwise.  How is this?

Because in the uncons mind the situation going bad is our experience and we believe that to be true consciously so uncons it has to be true because our uncons can only believe what we tell it to be true.  We all think if ten times it was like this then it probably will be the same again (it’s how we learn repetition, remember as stated before).  Prior to that happening though it will check with you to see if there might be another order (positive), when you think the worst (belief) it will comply with that direction and presto just as you thought it was going to be right!!!  You were right but in the wrong way.  As for Murphy’s Law is true for those who want to believe it (belief creates your reality) as for me I don’t want to have that in my life.  What I want is good life with structure and signs and maps that I can follow like the Cosmic Laws or Universal Laws and receive out of life what I want.  To go onto how to start with a new positive constructive thought program takes a lot of work and can be difficult because most people’s sub mind like comfort (secure ways that are deeply rooted).  Remember the subconscious mind isn’t anxious to adopt a new program, unless you tell it that a new program is good and get excited about it.

The energy (will and desire) required for this comes from another part of your being which is the spirit. In order to fully access your spirit in the highest you must have good motivation (pure heart) and then when you have that the higher energies or the Universal energies (inspiration or determination) come in to assist you.  Briefly mentioned before, there is a pool of Universal energy we live in and breathe in that gives us life.  We don’t perceive it with our physical eyes but some can feel it with their hearts.  (Love)  An example I like is it’s much around us (energy) as water is around the fishes but they don’t know that much like we don’t know that this energy is around us.  This energy is also a part of the creation process in your life.

It has been called many names but trully those are not important as the understanding of what it is and how it works.  I know this might seem confusing now, but know that this New Gnosis isn’t to be had overnight.  To go on the mind that creates (the sub-conscious mind) goes to the Universal energy to manifest that which it has been instructed to do so.  This energy must comply to the request (like electricity does) as much as the sub-cons mind has to comply with the consciousness.  I don’t know the reason for this but I know that it is the LAW.  Some things just are even though we don’t understand them.  You don’t have to know how your car runs to drive it.  The Law as I know it is Give and Ye Shall Receive or Cause and Effect.  Thoughts and Emotions are the Causes (Gives) and perceived Reality is the Effect (Recieves). All is Infinite Reflection.  Infinite Reflection is All.  It’s kinda like the mind is the planner and the energy is the worker.  The mind and energy both create together, but the energy can only create to a pattern that it is instructed (directed) to do so by the sub-cons mind. Another thing we have been given in all this (creation) is free will/free choice while on this planet (dimension) because of this we can create as we please.

This is the Freedom (Free Will) and the Laws were given long ago to man.   Most have been a slave to creations they have created unconsciously; most at such a young age that they aren’t even aware of one hundredth of these creations that are running on inside their uncon mind.  Many need to spend time searching through the unconscious (analyzing everything about yourslef ex. think about exposure to things in childhood and how it might shaped you or influenced you today) because that’s where all the information is kept and stored (much like a wherehouse full of trillions and trillions of records).  Now back to the creating spirit energy; it is also the part of you which likes to adventure and travel to see new things.  Your sub mind basically just processes what it is given and from the conscious mind and the emotions as they are felt.  If the motivation from the spirit is weak for a new change, then the mind will say unconsciously “we don’t have enough heart for this change or energy to create it, so maybe some other time when I have more energy to work with.”  You just perceive it as nothing because it all happens deep within you and never do that thing until you really want to do it.

Okay I know that is hard to at times to get through, so I’ll move on to some examples so you can perceive how some of this works and maybe even some explanations into our culture.  For people who smoke it is so addicting; although, I don’t speak from experience but knowing that the sub cons. mind loves rituals maybe that’s another reason it’s so hard to quit.  Also most people’s energy or motivation to break the old habit is weaker than the one that is well established.  The motivation isn’t as strong as the sub mind is for its ritual it likes to follow and all the cues it sparks desiring for a cigarette.  On another level is it possible that are advertisers and huge corporations have this Gnosis (knowledge).  I say very Possible.

Maybe that’s why we get flooded with the same commercials all in a block of time so our sub min can process it (exposure) and act on it.  If it was to spread out then it wouldn’t quite as effective.  Keeping in this frame of thinking maybe that’s why we get weird cravings for snickers or have to wear levis clothes or nike shoes over something different.  I can trace back in my mind when only a few people wore levis or nike’s, and after the bombardment of all the commercials and advertising (mass propaganda) for those items, some years ago, and also in given amount of time (repetition): bam, every kid needs nikes and levis to be cool at school.  Most investors didn’t see it coming, but those who did bought Nike stock and made mad dollars.  It seems that we can be sold into anything they can throw at us enough or make our sub con believe it’s better than product X.  Whatever you look up at or idolize (people, cartoon characters, whatever) they get them wearing the product or selling our favorite something; guess who wants it?  Us.  We are like sheep!

I think the reason for this is you learn at a early age, how to follow orders or else.  How your life choices are at the mercy and sole discretion of all the authority figures around you (older people).  At this young age you have parents, teachers and other adults and you have to listen to them all or punishment follows; because punishment is not good, we learn to conform (listen) to these dictators (good and bad) following them instead of learning how to lead and be yourself.  It has been said by some psychologist that the young people who are leaders usually are the criminals or the ones the parent has to discipline often.  Why?  Because they aren’t following but making their own decisions, taking chances (leading) is what made America what it is today.  Many young people are so subjugated this way and for so long, no wonder most people as adults don’t think or are scared to lead (being real).  Many see it as the more people following a way first, the safer it probably is to take that way; this seems as if it’s at an uncons level people do this.  I think because of the repetition of only learning how to follow for so long, that a great majority at a young age learn how to shut off this leading (thinking for yourself) inside.  We turn off our own thoughts and ways we want to believe and accept that which we have to by all the authority figures around us (society in its totality).

It’s super hard to not do this and the ones that don’t are the stubborn ones; this leads to most of our leaders as a result then are very stubborn, who else would get to a leadership role?  Why, they didn’t listen to everybody as most people do.  So many wait to be told how to see something, or if it sounds good accept it right away with no discerning or finding out the possible real Truth behind what’s being fed to us (proganda).  Most educated people know Proganda (ex: Nazi Germany) has always been the most powerful tool, and despite this we’re still sold into it.  We believe in illusions (proganda) and what we want to be right and true rather than what is really right and true on all levels.  To me giving a physical person more credence than say the Creator of All things seems kinda backwards.   Many worship and idolize money, power, fame and yet these are really nothing on a spiritual and mental level of being.  Your spirit finds no fullfillment in this but in higher TrUths and growing (experiences) that make you a better more evovled being.  Riches in spirit and mind can be had, but guess why they are better than physical ones? Because they don’t rust, get stolen, flooded out, or ever get lost, etc., once you receive them.  What I have invested in my spiritual and mental self is eternally mine and grows richer and more beautiful every day of the year endlessly.

I could have put the same time into gaining money and power and when I’m dead and move on I have gained nothing but only wasted my opportunity I was given to grow, expand, and learn here.  That’s fine you can do what you want (free-will) but if you follow illusions you are the only one who is alluded and loses out on what can be had.  I also want you to know that I don’t judge you if you don’t see and believe in this.  I didn’t either for a long time, but I remember one day when I sat at the end of my negative creations and illusions of who and what I was ((a bad ass (intimidator) nobody could mess with me) I was so sad and felt as I had just wasted  my youth that could of been so different (better) had I made better choices (decisions) and not got caught up in the illusions of B.S. I was trying to portray.   I know this is separate from the rest of what I wrote but it just makes me sad to see so many people caught up in stuff that one day they will look back at and say “I was the biggest idiot to do that.”  Please don’t waste your life it is too precious of a gift, appreciate the fact you are alive and that your destiny lies in your hands and you can do, be, create whatever you want in this world.  Let it give you hope and excitement to think that we are not victims here and all things are possible if you can have belief as small as a mustard seed.        

One last note:  I wrote this because I believe in and I am trying to live and create in my life the philosophy of PLUR.  I do follow this because it creates harmony in the world too.  These words have no meaning except the action or demonstration of the them or (in effect) that speaks the loudest.  I’m one who wants to know more, and I don’t want to be blind but rather super-conscious and aware.  I also don’t want to be a slave to some outdated pattern/program my good judgment now would never want running my reality.  The creating belief program way I want my life to be is the way I want it to be; which is, true and real happiness & ecstasy.  See if you can open your mind’s eye (thine eye be single the body shall be full of light) wider and see deeper into that which is in and around you.  You don’t have to go far to begin to see and discover there’s so much we don’t see and discover.  I thought of this equation as a formula to live by and I wanted to share this Gnosis (knowledge with you) so Life can be better here for us all.

 *Peace Love Unity Respect = Ecstasy & Happiness + Eternal Harmony or PLUR= (EH)2*

*****I hope that other’s might see the beauty in this and want to live and create it too.  It works in harmony with the Laws of the Universe.  Ones that whether we believe in them or not rule our this planet/dimension.  The Source of all this wasn’t dumb when he created the Laws=Lord or Justice.  The Source set it up perfect.  Cause and Effect/ Give and Receive/ What Goes Around Comes Around.  This way those that work in harmony benefit and are rewarded; those that don’t are punished.  The choice is all up to the individual (Free will).  I see and experienced in the world great amounts misery and suffering and not much happiness and harmony, except in the children who are still free.  Who’s smarter the young ones who don’t know anything but live in harmony and happiness or us who know everything and are miserable, sad, unfulfilled and lost?

This answer is yours and yours only.  If  your are happy and feel good about life congratulations maybe you should write a paper and spread it out because there’s many of us out there who do not know this.  I know happiness and freedom are possible it’s just going to take some work (take out the trash).  The only one qualified to do it in your own life is you.  You are the only one who can make your life enjoyable and full or miserable and empty.  This Gnosis (knowledge) lies in your hands! Know and decide wisely and bless your consequences because they are yours as they have been created either consciously or unconsciously!!!  Ye Shall Know The TrUth And It Shall Set Your Free.  One ‘Source’ Tribe NOW and Eternally.  May the Great Source which we are all connected into past all our many religions, races, physical bodies, physical worlds, & illusions Bless You all in your lives on all levels of being (body, mind, spirit and soul) and lastly in all your areas of need and on all levels.   Mad PLUR & Love, Light, & Life Forever.    Know the Source loves you immensely, all of you!!!

Copyright © Oct 1st, 1997. Educational use is okay and encouraged any other use, please seek permission of the author. Brandon Langowski/Reno, I AM ReflectshONE, Tha Dragon SourceRa   Send Transmissions to, or

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House N PLUR Explosion, My First Paper from 1997, which was handed out to the masses


Before you read this paper is what Ol Skool Parties used to be about, this is a journey into that forgotten yet eva Loved History, hopefully one day to rise again.  Raves used to be a place that could only be dreamed of not just 4 great music & nice visuals, but the people were some of tha most beauti=full this planet has eva seen!

With all the problems around us today it’s frustrating and depressing to say the least. There are a great number of things wrong not only that but in a thousand different directions; in trying to overtake or fix the many problems how could and where do you start at?  Life has gotten increasingly complex for us, and for most of us life requires too much of us to even tackle one or two of these problems.  This isn’t to discourage you though because there is a possible solution to this negative state we live in, and a way to live a happier and fuller existence.  This message delivered here isn’t a new one but another look at it.  What’s this answer you say?  Well most realize that you can’t change people even with force, but there is one person you can change, You.

This change that could help many of the problems were are all in together would be toward a more positive and uplifting direction in our individual and personal lives.  This then will affect those around you and even extends much further than those close to you. However small the change is and however small you may feel in doing this it does have an influence on things.  We all know at least one person who sparkles and enlivens us when we are around them.  Why just be an observer? We could all be this way, and uplift those we come into contact with.  How do you do this?  Start working and trying towards shining and you will have success (this is a process and takes time and work).  What might be a good formula to keep in mind while trying to do this?  How about Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

Put a little thought to these things and the beauty of what they can represent to us as individuals and as a whole (society).  When these ideals are in practice (thoughts and actions) by you and me however small it is feed into the invisible energy around us.  The beauty of this is not only does it go out to those around you (better and brighten their lives), but it is also reflected back to you. Why? for All is Infinite Reflection and Infinite Reflection is All.  Or stated the Law of Cause and Effect or Karma. (Mental causes- thoughts and Spiritual causes- emotions)  This Law works in both directions so if you give out Love and Positivity then it’s reflected back to you, and the same if you give out anger and negativity.  Whether people realize this or not does not matter because it’s a Law that rules in the dimension we are in; being a Law it rules all live.  When we realize this Universal Law we then can live in greater harmony with it, and most especially with other people for as stated long ago As You Give, You Also ReceiveThis is a Just Law to say the least being fair and equal to all.  What else could be fairer?  When we the Race of Man  understand these Higher Laws that govern our  lives and affairs we will begin (want) to live in harmony with each other; at this point a great pinnacle in the growing up or our race will have been reached.

Many of you will say well I can’t see this energy or I have done wrong to this person, and I haven’t had anything bad happen?  To answer the last part of the question first, all things eventually catch up to people, and many times when they would want it least to come.  I know this is true for my own life, and have seen it in those around me too. Even if you don’t believe that this is a real Law in operation, give it some time and thought (you have nothing to lose).  See if you can’t see it manifesting in some ways in your own life or in the lives of those around you.  For All Real Truth is Self Revealing (meaning that if it’s True and Right then you can and will see it for yourself with some thought and time put to it.)

Now, In response to the first part of the question there is a world of invisible energy around us that responds to our thoughts, emotions, imaginations (make-believes = reality in time), and actions.  We are as unaware of this energy much like a sea creature is unaware of the water they exist in.  We are affected by this energy and  we affect this energy ourselves. There are times we are stronger and weaker in it (like the varying wattage a light bulb has).  Many times the feelings we get inside, is us responding to the invisible energy pool we all live in.  We are tuned into this energy at different levels, but many of us pass it off or think were imagining these impressions.  Well keep imaging for it is closer to reality than you might think.

Because this is intended for Ravers, you might now ask how this is relevant to HOUSE & PLUR?  The reason why is because what is awesome @ Real & True Vibes Raves happens due to the positive energy and the House that is created by those who come for PLUR. (those who share, demonstrate, and spread this wonder-full and power-full message!!!)  Now, when we know more about invisible-to our physical eyes-energy and how it works it is easier to reproduce something we might of otherwise passed off as an accident.  When we understand that we are existing in an energy pool that creates our lives and affects things around us, we then can have stronger energy (as belief is a key to affecting this energy).  As this is understood people at all walks of life (Ravers in particular because many of you are already doing this) can then create and can change the world through PLUR in a greater positive direction.  It must also be known that what you give out isn’t lost but return back many times with greater interest than the original amount given out. Ex: A good seed put into good soil produces a plant or tree that can bear fruit or give greater life.

Another important detail is it’s also important to understand how we are influenced by other people (positively can happen @ a True Vibe Rave or negatively which is most of what happens in life.) In this negative influence, we should point fingers at ourselves for problems around us.  Why, because what are we doing to change it.  I realize many don’t even realize how they have been sucked into so much negativity (we’re so used to negativity it seems normal now).  I remember a time in most of our lives when we didn’t see colors such as black, white, yellow, brown, red, or varying differences of a person such as fat, thin, ugly, pretty, tall, short, medium as important reasons to dislike or judge.  At this splendid time We saw people’s hearts (TrUe expressions of the self) and who they were underneath those outer expressions.  This time I am talking about for me was when I was a child. It also seems to be the same for most others.  I had to learn from the society I lived in that those things had relevance and mattered (not Now).  How?  Because those above me (when you’re a child you look up to everyone) gave it relevance, so I followed my examples unconsciously until recently.

It appears that it is passed down from the society we all live in.  Most of the root cause of this incorrect thinking is people’s Fears that have no reality whatsoever in Real Truth.  Fear is the enemy of us all; fear causes most of the world’s woes and problems.  We have Fears of each other and in many imaginary places (think about this).  At a young age we’re separated away from each other (boys and girls, blacks and whites, etc. etc.,) that this is how things are (our society), so accept it (it’s easier to follow than lead).  Since we are young we just accept it; we are entrapped into this way of thinking by the world that raised us.  I Now look at this and say it’s wrong; this structure of Fear and Separation is Wrong. (United We Stand Divided We Fall).  I don’t want to accept this creation which is destroying us, but feel in my heart that I must try and do my part to bring what is Right.

There is One Creator of us all.  I bring up all this because we most know these things are wrong but how are we individually and collectively (society) trying to change these things?  We need to re-evaluate our society.  We are to blame in the sense that we are allowing it this to stand even though we might not contribute to violence, separation, and hatred.  If  people didn’t allow things to be then those things could not stand.  I feel as Ravers many of us are United in our common interest of something is wrong in the world and if we don’t stand Now and try to make a difference who will.  Everyone is waiting for someone else to start.  If  we’re all waiting for someone else to start, who’s going to start?  We need to Now start and give the message of  PLUR to all we can and to the best of our ability to do so (your best is all you can do but give it).

We need to start focusing our energy and thoughts on positive solutions and getting things Right not point fingers and blame others. (there isn’t enough time to) Don’t let the World depress you but grow strong in the fact your at a place that is a relief (positively intended) from the world we are in (Raves were envisioned with PLUR in effect, Good Vibes shared with others).  Raving is Our scene and culture (“this is OUR HOUSE” as it is created through living and giving PLUR) and has the potential through the powerful positive vibe created to be the starting change for a better future for all.  How we can change all this?  By taking the Vibe experienced into our lives wherever we are (jobs, home, school).  Why us? Because many Ravers truly care about other people and this planet.

We can change things by changing ourselves in PLUR, living positively, thinking positively, sharing Positivity, demonstrating Positivity in our lives everyday and this positive PLUR energy will awaken our society and culture out of this dreadful dream (negativity) we are in.  We can make this happen Now, You and I starting wherever we are at in life.  We spread out like fire does or how light overcomes darkness.  Darkness (illusions and falsities are seen in TrUe Light) cannot exist where there is Light present, it must hide and run from itLight is our answer,  Love is our answer, we must spread it out far and wide to all so they can see and know for themselves.  When someone sees something of  Divine Beauty (which is what real PLUR is) it affects them deep and they act on it or the seed is planted to sprout when they are ready.

We must become beauty-full children united under ONE Source of All Creator and extend out our Light & PLUR to all.  Our strength lies in our Unity of Light, Life, Love, Peace, Respect.  This is something fear and negativity cannot have, for what is it’s unifying force?  As we do and practice these things we raise higher in our consciousness and spirits, then positive changes and solutions become reality.  For as we live in this Universal Energy together we start changes in the unseen world and it then, it time, becomes seen.  All things start in mind before they become reality.  **********We can turn this planet into one that promotes everyone’s best interest and we can learn as a race to Respect other people, Live in Peace together, have Brotherly Love, and establish Unity within the Community.

Once long ago a group known as the Mayans accomplished this Vision (they were far advanced past our present state in mind and spirit) it can be again. Remember it starts with us and the influence and impact we can make on other’s by living, being, and practicing PLUR as constantly as possible.  We gather strength in it as we meet others like ourselves, and in the energy we share as ONE together (HOUSE).  One day long ago before I knew about House and Raves somebody somewhere envisioned Raves and parties promoting Positivity and re-establishing brotherly love and it happened.

Their DREAM realized, thought creating reality.  That DREAM affected my live and showed me how my life was unfulfilled and incomplete in the world of violence (illusions) I had been living.  The vibe at the party changed me; the invisible unseen energy (HOUSE) created by all the kids who were there for that reason. ***No words were needed, for this type of communications went str8 to my heart. The power of House is a beauty-full thing and when it hits you it shows you a better and higher consciousness (Power of Wholeness/ Tribe/ Team.)  It can’t be talked about but only felt (experienced)  I write this now to hopefully re-establish True House again and encourage all you beauti-full kids to keep trying and struggling towards this wonder-full goal of House and PLUR. (PLUR=EH)  EH=Exstacy & Happiness).  It take people like me and you, wherever we’re at, doing what we can when we can. The most that is required is that you do your best.  We aren’t all perfect, as some think they are, and like anything new you slip at first but keep on keeping on and it’s most rewarding for you and others.

Why I say re-establish House?  Is because I feel House has started to be forgotten and that’s the True  reason parties started.  Since it has gone mainstream a lot has been lost which is the most important reasons. (PLURand HOUSE) This is terrible and it must not be lost.  We have to dream, do, create, and believe in the HOUSE or DREAM,  and it will manifest strong(er) again and spread out to the world around us.  This Vibe creates and spreads by our positive thoughts, emotions, actions.  Please don’t let this great and beauty-full dream fade away into the sunset.  This planet and the people here need it too much for it to be lost, I have yet to seen anything as power-full as the House Vibe is. 

We are here now together connected to each other by what is the same inside us all regardless of race, creed, religion or insignificant differences; we are a part of  the same Source.  Our beings within us are One by the One Creator who made us all.  Our ONE Common Creator looks at us all as children and in a loving, forgiving and caring way any ideal Parent would look at His/Her Creation.  We are all special and Divine creatures for how could we not be if God is our Creator.  The Creator is the Source of all Life for God= Life, Love, and Light.

This One Being is Mind and Energy, we the children of Source.  Since we all have a common heritage (spiritual and mental) we when at-tune or when at-one-ment we share the same Being the same Source.  This is who we truly are: beautiful and radiant children of God.  Since we are more than one person here as we realize our shared Divine Kinship we then become a Tribe.  A Tribe must know how to work and live together in PLURor it fails and dies.  We must realize that we are ONE SOURCE TRIBE;  we aren’t connected by our outside physical structure but by the internal One structure.  We understand this TrUth of who and what we are, and we live by our hearts and highest consciousness’ which are all tapped into the same Source Vein.  Our unifying force of this all is PLUR.

We also know and respect the Law of Give and Receive/Law of Cause and Effect/KarmaEven if we were selfish and didn’t want to do this it would be in our best interest for what you do unto others is done unto you.  Let us all Now realize our kinship in the Source and begin to live as Mayan Tribes of  Old did, and work for the betterment of us all (Tribe).  Start NOW (the only real time that exists.) ****One last note**** I would like to give props and credit to all the kids who have been following this DREAM or are starting Now.  You are all so beauty-full and wonder-full affecting my life and other’s lives deeply.  I especially want to give mad props to all the fore-fathers of this scene (DREAM) and to all the people who have kept it going.

Thanks to all because you have sacrificed much, many times only for LOVE.  Know your sacrifices are appreciated by me and many others;  you’re the only reasons I could write this. Your dreams of  Unity, Peace, and Brotherhood of Man are Now my dreams.  All of You out there ‘B’ strong within, smile within your hearts, and be happy as you live PLUR today!!!  Give yourself love, appreciation, credit and props for thinking and living like this, for not many care, as You do; and that’s really supa dupa special!!!


Brandon/Reno May of ‘97  Responses to or  

I AM ReflectshONE, Tha Dragon SourceRa, Creator of 5th Dimensional Formulas/DJ & MC +

Copyright © by Brandon Langowski on May 1st, 1997, can be used for educational purposes, all others permissions must be sought from the author.

*(2 people squared= 4 or 3 people cubed=9- an equation representing HOUSE, as the whole is > than the parts in pos.  energy)

PLUR equals Exstacy and Happiness and Eternal Harmony, just like in mathematics equations are equal, so is this.  If you take out Love for example it is lost, or Respect it is lost.  Also these seem like Pillars of trUth to me, and a good relationship if to be rewarding for both people must contain all elements of each one the letters P-L-U-R.  These words to me also are no limited to these definitions as explained but can mean anything that makes more sense to you, such as Positivity, Light, Understanding, and Responsibility or whatever.  It is just a symbol of something, the Hippies had the Peace symbol, we have the PLUR=EHx2 symbol, to exemplify who we are and what we practice!!!

Much LOVE and Shouts to all who live and demonstrate this equation, know you are the seeds of the NEW AGE of Enlightenment!!!!!

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