House N PLUR Explosion, My First Paper from 1997, which was handed out to the masses


Before you read this paper is what Ol Skool Parties used to be about, this is a journey into that forgotten yet eva Loved History, hopefully one day to rise again.  Raves used to be a place that could only be dreamed of not just 4 great music & nice visuals, but the people were some of tha most beauti=full this planet has eva seen!

With all the problems around us today it’s frustrating and depressing to say the least. There are a great number of things wrong not only that but in a thousand different directions; in trying to overtake or fix the many problems how could and where do you start at?  Life has gotten increasingly complex for us, and for most of us life requires too much of us to even tackle one or two of these problems.  This isn’t to discourage you though because there is a possible solution to this negative state we live in, and a way to live a happier and fuller existence.  This message delivered here isn’t a new one but another look at it.  What’s this answer you say?  Well most realize that you can’t change people even with force, but there is one person you can change, You.

This change that could help many of the problems were are all in together would be toward a more positive and uplifting direction in our individual and personal lives.  This then will affect those around you and even extends much further than those close to you. However small the change is and however small you may feel in doing this it does have an influence on things.  We all know at least one person who sparkles and enlivens us when we are around them.  Why just be an observer? We could all be this way, and uplift those we come into contact with.  How do you do this?  Start working and trying towards shining and you will have success (this is a process and takes time and work).  What might be a good formula to keep in mind while trying to do this?  How about Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

Put a little thought to these things and the beauty of what they can represent to us as individuals and as a whole (society).  When these ideals are in practice (thoughts and actions) by you and me however small it is feed into the invisible energy around us.  The beauty of this is not only does it go out to those around you (better and brighten their lives), but it is also reflected back to you. Why? for All is Infinite Reflection and Infinite Reflection is All.  Or stated the Law of Cause and Effect or Karma. (Mental causes- thoughts and Spiritual causes- emotions)  This Law works in both directions so if you give out Love and Positivity then it’s reflected back to you, and the same if you give out anger and negativity.  Whether people realize this or not does not matter because it’s a Law that rules in the dimension we are in; being a Law it rules all live.  When we realize this Universal Law we then can live in greater harmony with it, and most especially with other people for as stated long ago As You Give, You Also ReceiveThis is a Just Law to say the least being fair and equal to all.  What else could be fairer?  When we the Race of Man  understand these Higher Laws that govern our  lives and affairs we will begin (want) to live in harmony with each other; at this point a great pinnacle in the growing up or our race will have been reached.

Many of you will say well I can’t see this energy or I have done wrong to this person, and I haven’t had anything bad happen?  To answer the last part of the question first, all things eventually catch up to people, and many times when they would want it least to come.  I know this is true for my own life, and have seen it in those around me too. Even if you don’t believe that this is a real Law in operation, give it some time and thought (you have nothing to lose).  See if you can’t see it manifesting in some ways in your own life or in the lives of those around you.  For All Real Truth is Self Revealing (meaning that if it’s True and Right then you can and will see it for yourself with some thought and time put to it.)

Now, In response to the first part of the question there is a world of invisible energy around us that responds to our thoughts, emotions, imaginations (make-believes = reality in time), and actions.  We are as unaware of this energy much like a sea creature is unaware of the water they exist in.  We are affected by this energy and  we affect this energy ourselves. There are times we are stronger and weaker in it (like the varying wattage a light bulb has).  Many times the feelings we get inside, is us responding to the invisible energy pool we all live in.  We are tuned into this energy at different levels, but many of us pass it off or think were imagining these impressions.  Well keep imaging for it is closer to reality than you might think.

Because this is intended for Ravers, you might now ask how this is relevant to HOUSE & PLUR?  The reason why is because what is awesome @ Real & True Vibes Raves happens due to the positive energy and the House that is created by those who come for PLUR. (those who share, demonstrate, and spread this wonder-full and power-full message!!!)  Now, when we know more about invisible-to our physical eyes-energy and how it works it is easier to reproduce something we might of otherwise passed off as an accident.  When we understand that we are existing in an energy pool that creates our lives and affects things around us, we then can have stronger energy (as belief is a key to affecting this energy).  As this is understood people at all walks of life (Ravers in particular because many of you are already doing this) can then create and can change the world through PLUR in a greater positive direction.  It must also be known that what you give out isn’t lost but return back many times with greater interest than the original amount given out. Ex: A good seed put into good soil produces a plant or tree that can bear fruit or give greater life.

Another important detail is it’s also important to understand how we are influenced by other people (positively can happen @ a True Vibe Rave or negatively which is most of what happens in life.) In this negative influence, we should point fingers at ourselves for problems around us.  Why, because what are we doing to change it.  I realize many don’t even realize how they have been sucked into so much negativity (we’re so used to negativity it seems normal now).  I remember a time in most of our lives when we didn’t see colors such as black, white, yellow, brown, red, or varying differences of a person such as fat, thin, ugly, pretty, tall, short, medium as important reasons to dislike or judge.  At this splendid time We saw people’s hearts (TrUe expressions of the self) and who they were underneath those outer expressions.  This time I am talking about for me was when I was a child. It also seems to be the same for most others.  I had to learn from the society I lived in that those things had relevance and mattered (not Now).  How?  Because those above me (when you’re a child you look up to everyone) gave it relevance, so I followed my examples unconsciously until recently.

It appears that it is passed down from the society we all live in.  Most of the root cause of this incorrect thinking is people’s Fears that have no reality whatsoever in Real Truth.  Fear is the enemy of us all; fear causes most of the world’s woes and problems.  We have Fears of each other and in many imaginary places (think about this).  At a young age we’re separated away from each other (boys and girls, blacks and whites, etc. etc.,) that this is how things are (our society), so accept it (it’s easier to follow than lead).  Since we are young we just accept it; we are entrapped into this way of thinking by the world that raised us.  I Now look at this and say it’s wrong; this structure of Fear and Separation is Wrong. (United We Stand Divided We Fall).  I don’t want to accept this creation which is destroying us, but feel in my heart that I must try and do my part to bring what is Right.

There is One Creator of us all.  I bring up all this because we most know these things are wrong but how are we individually and collectively (society) trying to change these things?  We need to re-evaluate our society.  We are to blame in the sense that we are allowing it this to stand even though we might not contribute to violence, separation, and hatred.  If  people didn’t allow things to be then those things could not stand.  I feel as Ravers many of us are United in our common interest of something is wrong in the world and if we don’t stand Now and try to make a difference who will.  Everyone is waiting for someone else to start.  If  we’re all waiting for someone else to start, who’s going to start?  We need to Now start and give the message of  PLUR to all we can and to the best of our ability to do so (your best is all you can do but give it).

We need to start focusing our energy and thoughts on positive solutions and getting things Right not point fingers and blame others. (there isn’t enough time to) Don’t let the World depress you but grow strong in the fact your at a place that is a relief (positively intended) from the world we are in (Raves were envisioned with PLUR in effect, Good Vibes shared with others).  Raving is Our scene and culture (“this is OUR HOUSE” as it is created through living and giving PLUR) and has the potential through the powerful positive vibe created to be the starting change for a better future for all.  How we can change all this?  By taking the Vibe experienced into our lives wherever we are (jobs, home, school).  Why us? Because many Ravers truly care about other people and this planet.

We can change things by changing ourselves in PLUR, living positively, thinking positively, sharing Positivity, demonstrating Positivity in our lives everyday and this positive PLUR energy will awaken our society and culture out of this dreadful dream (negativity) we are in.  We can make this happen Now, You and I starting wherever we are at in life.  We spread out like fire does or how light overcomes darkness.  Darkness (illusions and falsities are seen in TrUe Light) cannot exist where there is Light present, it must hide and run from itLight is our answer,  Love is our answer, we must spread it out far and wide to all so they can see and know for themselves.  When someone sees something of  Divine Beauty (which is what real PLUR is) it affects them deep and they act on it or the seed is planted to sprout when they are ready.

We must become beauty-full children united under ONE Source of All Creator and extend out our Light & PLUR to all.  Our strength lies in our Unity of Light, Life, Love, Peace, Respect.  This is something fear and negativity cannot have, for what is it’s unifying force?  As we do and practice these things we raise higher in our consciousness and spirits, then positive changes and solutions become reality.  For as we live in this Universal Energy together we start changes in the unseen world and it then, it time, becomes seen.  All things start in mind before they become reality.  **********We can turn this planet into one that promotes everyone’s best interest and we can learn as a race to Respect other people, Live in Peace together, have Brotherly Love, and establish Unity within the Community.

Once long ago a group known as the Mayans accomplished this Vision (they were far advanced past our present state in mind and spirit) it can be again. Remember it starts with us and the influence and impact we can make on other’s by living, being, and practicing PLUR as constantly as possible.  We gather strength in it as we meet others like ourselves, and in the energy we share as ONE together (HOUSE).  One day long ago before I knew about House and Raves somebody somewhere envisioned Raves and parties promoting Positivity and re-establishing brotherly love and it happened.

Their DREAM realized, thought creating reality.  That DREAM affected my live and showed me how my life was unfulfilled and incomplete in the world of violence (illusions) I had been living.  The vibe at the party changed me; the invisible unseen energy (HOUSE) created by all the kids who were there for that reason. ***No words were needed, for this type of communications went str8 to my heart. The power of House is a beauty-full thing and when it hits you it shows you a better and higher consciousness (Power of Wholeness/ Tribe/ Team.)  It can’t be talked about but only felt (experienced)  I write this now to hopefully re-establish True House again and encourage all you beauti-full kids to keep trying and struggling towards this wonder-full goal of House and PLUR. (PLUR=EH)  EH=Exstacy & Happiness).  It take people like me and you, wherever we’re at, doing what we can when we can. The most that is required is that you do your best.  We aren’t all perfect, as some think they are, and like anything new you slip at first but keep on keeping on and it’s most rewarding for you and others.

Why I say re-establish House?  Is because I feel House has started to be forgotten and that’s the True  reason parties started.  Since it has gone mainstream a lot has been lost which is the most important reasons. (PLURand HOUSE) This is terrible and it must not be lost.  We have to dream, do, create, and believe in the HOUSE or DREAM,  and it will manifest strong(er) again and spread out to the world around us.  This Vibe creates and spreads by our positive thoughts, emotions, actions.  Please don’t let this great and beauty-full dream fade away into the sunset.  This planet and the people here need it too much for it to be lost, I have yet to seen anything as power-full as the House Vibe is. 

We are here now together connected to each other by what is the same inside us all regardless of race, creed, religion or insignificant differences; we are a part of  the same Source.  Our beings within us are One by the One Creator who made us all.  Our ONE Common Creator looks at us all as children and in a loving, forgiving and caring way any ideal Parent would look at His/Her Creation.  We are all special and Divine creatures for how could we not be if God is our Creator.  The Creator is the Source of all Life for God= Life, Love, and Light.

This One Being is Mind and Energy, we the children of Source.  Since we all have a common heritage (spiritual and mental) we when at-tune or when at-one-ment we share the same Being the same Source.  This is who we truly are: beautiful and radiant children of God.  Since we are more than one person here as we realize our shared Divine Kinship we then become a Tribe.  A Tribe must know how to work and live together in PLURor it fails and dies.  We must realize that we are ONE SOURCE TRIBE;  we aren’t connected by our outside physical structure but by the internal One structure.  We understand this TrUth of who and what we are, and we live by our hearts and highest consciousness’ which are all tapped into the same Source Vein.  Our unifying force of this all is PLUR.

We also know and respect the Law of Give and Receive/Law of Cause and Effect/KarmaEven if we were selfish and didn’t want to do this it would be in our best interest for what you do unto others is done unto you.  Let us all Now realize our kinship in the Source and begin to live as Mayan Tribes of  Old did, and work for the betterment of us all (Tribe).  Start NOW (the only real time that exists.) ****One last note**** I would like to give props and credit to all the kids who have been following this DREAM or are starting Now.  You are all so beauty-full and wonder-full affecting my life and other’s lives deeply.  I especially want to give mad props to all the fore-fathers of this scene (DREAM) and to all the people who have kept it going.

Thanks to all because you have sacrificed much, many times only for LOVE.  Know your sacrifices are appreciated by me and many others;  you’re the only reasons I could write this. Your dreams of  Unity, Peace, and Brotherhood of Man are Now my dreams.  All of You out there ‘B’ strong within, smile within your hearts, and be happy as you live PLUR today!!!  Give yourself love, appreciation, credit and props for thinking and living like this, for not many care, as You do; and that’s really supa dupa special!!!


Brandon/Reno May of ‘97  Responses to or  

I AM ReflectshONE, Tha Dragon SourceRa, Creator of 5th Dimensional Formulas/DJ & MC +

Copyright © by Brandon Langowski on May 1st, 1997, can be used for educational purposes, all others permissions must be sought from the author.

*(2 people squared= 4 or 3 people cubed=9- an equation representing HOUSE, as the whole is > than the parts in pos.  energy)

PLUR equals Exstacy and Happiness and Eternal Harmony, just like in mathematics equations are equal, so is this.  If you take out Love for example it is lost, or Respect it is lost.  Also these seem like Pillars of trUth to me, and a good relationship if to be rewarding for both people must contain all elements of each one the letters P-L-U-R.  These words to me also are no limited to these definitions as explained but can mean anything that makes more sense to you, such as Positivity, Light, Understanding, and Responsibility or whatever.  It is just a symbol of something, the Hippies had the Peace symbol, we have the PLUR=EHx2 symbol, to exemplify who we are and what we practice!!!

Much LOVE and Shouts to all who live and demonstrate this equation, know you are the seeds of the NEW AGE of Enlightenment!!!!!

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