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Destruction of Maya (Illusions) Cubed, circa 1998 & passed out to the masses!

DESTRUCTION OF MAYA (Illusions) Cubed Intro: This paper is about many things: positivity, ego’s, PLUR=EH, hearts, respect, science, spirituality, the message is a positive intended one for anyone who’s willing to take the time.  Also there are different concepts so … Continue reading

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Gnosis (Knowledge) is Power! About the subconscious mind, circa 1997 & handed out to the masses!

******* GNOSIS (KNOWLEDGE) IS POWER******* My first rhyme ever opens this sacred Gnosis, writing follows! -TDSR Yo!!! the power of the sub-conscious min(d) can be define(d) as incredible, amazing decibel, inevitable this knowledge must come forth, straight from the Source, … Continue reading

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House N PLUR Explosion, My First Paper from 1997, which was handed out to the masses

HOUSE & PLUR EXPLOSION Before you read this paper is what Ol Skool Parties used to be about, this is a journey into that forgotten yet eva Loved History, hopefully one day to rise again.  Raves used to be a … Continue reading

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